Countdown to Contest!


By Alanna King

In 2015 we got the news that Region 26 would be holding the regional convention in our home town Saskatoon Saskatchewan. What a amazing honor! Not only can we invite our family and friends to watch us compete, the best aspect of a home town advantage. But also the trip to the west coast each year can be exhausting and expensive. Plus we would get to show off our beautiful city to all the Sweet Adelines in Western Canada! The reaction from our chorus members was ELECTRIC!

Shortly after we found out the contest would be in Saskatoon, our Captain Norma Wallace called out to chorus members to join the steering committee. I had never attended a contest before but I knew one thing for sure, I knew how hyped the already committee members were and the excitement was contagious so I signed on without a blink! I wanted this contest to be the best contest anyone had ever seen! and well.. the first one I had seen!

It didn’t take long until a Drop Box titled “Convention Steering Committee” was created and the first meeting was held on April 15 2015 at Norma’s House. One year before we would host. So many questions, so much potential, so much excitement! I knew it was going to be a rewarding and fun experience working with such a talented and enthusiastic team. All the positions on the team started to fill up and Norma’s kitchen table wasn’t big enough to host such a mighty team. Luckily for us Alice was able to secure us a meeting place at the Radisson Hotel downtown.

Working with representatives from all over the region was a real treat. Having Cathy Martin and Yvonne Meyer join us over Skype and Denise Lindenbach commute from Regina SK made me realize what a huge network of super stars I had stumbled into. All these women took dedication and commitment to a whole new level and it was very inspiring.

This weekend, after I have my chance to shine on stage, I plan on taking a moment to remember all the hard work and dedication these and many other Sweet Adelines put into making our organization the best organization around. Three Cheers for those who make the sky the limit!

steering commi

Chairperson – Norma Wallace, Convention Coordinator – Diane Ellis, Official Panel Liaison – Yvette Jaspar, Finance – Denise Lindenbach, Theatre – Karen Kirkland, Hotel – Alice Mulrain, Hotel Afterglow – Fran Gordon and Lydia Howell, Awards/Photography – Tracy Bitternose, Program – Yvonne Meyer, Public Relations – Dianne Martin, Registration – Nancy Kanuka, Risers – Agnes Ross, Secretary/Bulletins – Shelley Stevens, Show of Champions – Val Sheppard, Single Tickets – Adele Kerr, Transportation – Alanna King, RMT – Cathy Martin