Learn to sing in perfect harmony


Learn to sing with Sweet Adalines and continue learning as long as you wish!

Magic City Chorus has a strong educational mission and Sweet Adalines international makes sure that women have opportunities to progress the spirit and sound of womens barbershop wether it be as a chorus or quartet.

In a recent interview our director Cheryl Pearce said “Our main focus is education, so it’s like coming to a singing lesson every week”. She also explained how she learned to be a director after she became a member and is continuing to learn through experience, coaching and workshops.

Magic City chorus has many reasons to celebrate tonight, as the first night of Region 26 contest is being held in our beautiful city. But one major achievement is for our very own Nancy Kanuka to be acknowledged for her recent completion of her Directors Certification.


When looking at the DCP (Director Certification Program) website it lists proficiency in the following skills:

Musical/Technical Management/Communication
Conducting Organizational Knowledge & Director
Analytical Listening Teaching
Judging Categories & Competition Management
Vocal Production Communication
Music Theory
Rehearsal Planning & Implementation

Online classes, exams, practice, coaching, the process of becoming a certified director takes guts, determination, and a serious dedication. When you talk to Nancy she says she is lucky to have an opportunity to practice her directing by leading vocal warm ups at Magic City practices but I think we all feel lucky. Nancy’s fun loving personality and attention to detail really motivated us to enjoy every moment.

Nancy Directing

Tonight Nancy will have an opportunity to lead the region in the exciting song “Fame” keeping up a good pace and driving tempo will be no problem for Nancy as her engery is endless!

Congratulations Nancy! You are an inspiration to us all.