Chocolate Helps One Sing!


Great news, isn’t it? But how does chocolate achieve this? Read on!

Magic City Chorus is inviting you to participate in our 3rd Annual Purdy’s Chocolate Fundraiser! These monies allow our Chorus to hold educational workshops to improve various aspects of performance, both as one chorus, and as individual singers.

If you’d like to support us through purchasing some very sweet Christmas gifts for friends, family and yourself, please click the link below:

After you’ve signed in you can buy our amazing chocolates or invite others to join and support our Fundraising Campaign.

The deadline to order is Tuesday, November 23, in order to receive this tasty shipment by December 1. You will be contacted regarding pick up (in Saskatoon) by December 5.

Thank you for your participation. In a year where we have learned to approach daily life in a variety of ways, chocolate can still make us smile!