With Gratitude…



Magic City Chorus,  Saskatoon , SK, would like to thank “Sing Canada Harmony” for the financial assistance  we have received through a scholarship in the amount of $200.

During this time of Covid-19,  their slogan: “WHO WILL SING TOMORROW?” has never rang truer than it does today. Without our weekly scheduled rehearsals, we are reminded how important singing is to the health and well-being of all members of our chorus. This money will assist us in maintaining our subscription to ZOOM so we can continue to communicate, rehearse, be educated and sing together until such time that we can be back together live and in person once again.

We would also like to thank all those organizations and individuals who donate money to Sing Canada Harmony, so that these scholarships can be offered to groups and individuals that apply for assistance.

If you are interested in finding out more about the scholarships offered through this ‘not-for-profit’ organization check these out.




Donate to MCC with Recycling




Have you heard? Sarcan reopens on Monday, June 15. You can donate to our ‘education fund’ by using the code “MCC”, at any of their convenient ‘drop and go’ locations.

Throughout the year, Magic City Chorus brings in coaches and speakers to conduct workshops regarding all aspects of a cappella singing, whether performing or competing.

We thank you for considering our chorus when recycling!

Covid-19 and our Chorus



With broken hearts, and quieted voices, Magic City Chorus has canceled in-person rehearsals and scheduled performances until further notice, adhering to the current guidelines and recommendations from Health Canada.

We look forward when we can gather again as a group of friends, and Sweet Adelines Sisters, to perform for you, and for our community. With constant health and safety measures practiced, the magic of harmony will reunite all of us; what a celebration that will be!

In the meantime, those interested in joining our Chorus are still encouraged to contact us!  Please see our “Join Us” page for information.

Until we meet again, stay healthy, and stay strong!