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Do you love to sing in the shower? Do you croon in your car? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to perform on stage? Would you like more fun and excitement in your life?  Would you like to enjoy friendship and camaraderie with a group of fantastic women of all ages? Discover this, and so much more, with us!  

Magic City Chorus invites you to attend a Tuesday night rehearsal. Meet dynamic Director Cheryl Pearce, and 37 talented singers.

Becoming a member of Magic City Chorus will enhance your love of music and hone your performance skills.

Sweet Adelines sing a combination of upbeat songs and ballads. Sweet Adelines will be a lively and energetic experience for you. Singing is good for your health, too! Studies have shown that singers have improved health and increased endorphins, helping singers feel energized and uplifted.

If you wish, you can get involved with performing and competitions, which add excitement and challenge to your musical experience. Many members find their own personal development a thrill, and their self-confidence grows as they learn singing and skills they may never have known before.

Singing and performing barbershop harmony with Magic City Chorus is a pleasure you deserve.

What kind of music do Sweet Adelines sing?

Sweet Adelines choruses and quartets perform four-part a cappella (means without accompaniment) harmony, barbershop style. This style of music lends itself to songs from any era – today’s ballads, popular show tunes, or even jazz. There are four different voice parts: tenor, lead, baritone and bass; a part that is just right for YOU.

2013 Surrey Regional (3)

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Magic City Chorus Mission and Goals

The Mission of Magic City Chorus is to enhance women’s lives through musical education and singing a cappella four-part harmony, while enriching the community through our quality performances.

The Goals of Magic City Chorus are:

To provide a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive community for women;

To achieve musical excellence primarily in the barbershop style, while creating a spirit of unity, enthusiasm, and fun;

To provide an opportunity for members to develop and improve musical and performance skills;

To participate in regional competitions annually;

To improve the musical quality and vocal skills of each of our members through weekly rehearsals, coaching clinics, retreats, workshops, quartet promotions, competition, and other avenues.

To provide opportunities for personal growth in all areas of music, administration, performance, and self-confidence.



Magic City April 2015 Dreana: “I’ve been a member for 7 years. After spending an evening singing with MCC, I always leave feeling positive and uplifted. No matter how tired or how bad a day I’ve had, I always feel good after being around these women. They are all so welcoming and friendly. I’ve made many good friends through this group of women, not only in this chapter but within the region. Love singing with this group.”


Nancy: Nancy: “Moving to a new city where you don’t know anyone can be daunting. Unless the city has a Sweet Adeline chorus like Magic City. Then you are greeted with open arms, friendship and harmony. Welcome home!”


Agnes: Agnes: “Here it is nearly 15 years at a hobby I thought I might try for a year or two! The energy and positivity of this group makes my day! “


Janet: Janet: “If you reach for the Stars. …you will find Magic City Chorus there.
Magic City Chorus is such a positive group of women to belong to.
They offer encouragement and support and friendship to all their members.
As a newcomer to this group , I have been treated with open arms from day one. Magic City has the fortune of having The Best Director leading this chorus on to bigger and better accomplishments everyday.”